Nicole M.

Mom |

I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much I have enjoyed Sophie dancing at Dance Impressions this year. And that I have a genuine appreciation for the dedication and commitment you have shown to her.

Sophie danced at another studio for 3 years prior to coming to Dance Impressions. While she had a good time there, her technique and understanding of dance was lacking. After a dismal competition year, I had a heart to heart with her and found she also wanted more. If we hadn’t moved her, I feel she would have quit dancing and that would have seriously been awful. So we decided to have her audition at Dance Impressions and another local studio. I didn’t care where she went, I just wanted her to be reengaged and care about dance again. She did the audition at Dance Impressions and one day of auditions at the other studio. That night after the other studio’s audition, she told me she didn’t want to go back and just wanted Dance Impressions. She felt so at home, she never even finished the other audition!

Many times she has come home bursting at the seams to show me a new move or a technique she had learned wrong and is now doing correctly because of Dance Impressions. She has come home crying a few times because she didn’t understand the culture or had been corrected of bad habits. I do not mind this at all, in fact I welcome it. I am happy that the teachers care enough about her, her skills, and dance etiquette to correct when she is wrong. I believe dance is teaching her life lessons and I am supportive of anything that teaches her about how life really is and to always give 100%. Transition is not easy, but she has learned so much. She still has a long way to go, but I trust your decisions for her dance future implicitly.

Thank you so much for actually caring enough about her to make her a better dancer. I nearly cried, ok, I really did cry when I watched her at the last competition. She is a completely different dancer than she was a year ago and I was so happy to see her progression and her joy for dance. I am sure of one thing…this was a good move and we will never look back. I am excited to see where she goes and how she progresses over the next few years. You have made us “lifers” and I sincerely appreciate everything.