Mandy A.

Former Student |

I had a lot of years of just trying to belong, but figured out I could walk like a chicken, talk and dress like a chicken, but I will still just be a duck. I was never going to fit into the mold and I shouldn’t want to. But, between having a bold mother and a fun, goal-driving dance teacher, they both molded me into the strong, bold woman I am today. They pushed me out of my shell, made me take risks and most importantly, taught me to just be myself. I value greatly what I learned at Dance Impressions — I always have, and always will. Kandee gave so much to so many. I am sure many dancers don’t even realize the gifts she gave and taught them, but I see and and want to thank her for it. Some of my best childhood memories include Kandee or the space she made for us as dancers to grow in. I might not dance anymore but the discipline, loyalty and dedication is still instilled into the person I am today. Dance Impressions changes and helps young minds grow everyday — and even though one might not realize or see it until years later, it is a huge part of the person they become. Thank you, Kandee and Dance Impressions. What you do, and the space you create, very much matters!