A non–refundable annual class registration fee of $35 per student or $55 per family is due upon registration. Tuition is based on the dance year (September 4th through May 23rd) and divided into equal payments regardless of how many classes are in each month. These monthly fees are averaged over the school year taking into consideration five-week months and holidays. Tuition is due on the 15th of the previous month to receive the early rate. For example; November tuition is due October 15th. Regular rate tuition is charged after the 15th. No credit is given for absences or vacations. Payment is expected for all classes, even if you have to miss class because of illness, school function or quit the class in the middle of the month. Tuition is due on time, even if your child did not attend class during the payment week. Payments may be made by check, credit card, or cash, in person or at either studio. All checks should be made to Dance Impressions. All tuition is non-refundable .There is a $15 Fee for all returned checks, and thereafter will not be resubmitted to the bank. Any questions regarding billing should be addressed to the front desk or by email to

Online Access: For access to your account or to stay updated, please see our website at You can access your account at any time and make your payments online as well. Simply click on the "My Account" home icon at the top of the page and create an account if you've not done so already. Please also always feel free to email us at if you need assistance.

Regular Rate Fees

Tuition will be charged to your account at the early monthly tuition rate (see table here). If payment is after the 15th of each preceding month the regular rate will appear on your account. This policy is for everyone. Since everyone at Dance Impressions is treated equally, there are no exceptions to this policy. Past due costume fees will also incur a late fee charge. Students will not be able to participate in any Dance Impressions activity, performance, or class if the account is more than 30 days past due.

Discontinuing & Withdrawal

Upon enrollment, students are expected to complete the dance season until the end of May. If a student wishes to withdraw from class, we must receive written notification before the 15th of the preceding month to avoid any additional tuition costs. No tuition refunds will be issued. You are responsible for all payments until the written notice is received. There are no refunds of the Registration Fee at any time, for any reason. If a student discontinues after they have committed to participating in the year-end recital, they will be responsible for all charges dues, such as costumes, whether participating in the show or not.

Transferring Classes

If you wish to transfer or change classes, written notification to the front desk is also required before the 15th of the preceding month. We will try our very best to accommodate you. Some classes are on waiting list so please be courteous to others by notifying the front desk of ALL CHANGES. We are sorry but class changes for recital participants can not be accommodated after December 15th, costumes have been ordered and confirmed. Please see the front desk immediately if you have a concern.

Drop Off & Pick Up

For Drop Off: Students should be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes before class time. Students in lobby are unattended until scheduled class time.
For Pick-Up: Students should be picked up immediately at the conclusion of class time. Students should remain inside waiting for their ride home.
Last class of the night: If your dancer is in the last class of the night, they must be picked up immediately following their class. A late fee may be assessed if your dancer is left at the studio for more than 10 minutes.

Classroom Behavior

Students are expected to be respectful and attentive in class to teachers and their fellow classmates. As a safety concern, no hanging on barres or hands on mirrors will be permitted. Polite behavior and good manners should be displayed throughout the class. The teacher will encourage the class to work together towards a common goal. Good attitude, good attendance and practice at home are expected from each student. Dance Impressions is a private studio and reserves the right to dismiss any student who disregards Dance Impressions policies, shows inappropriate behavior, or upsets the harmony of the school.

Lost & Found

Dance Impressions is not responsible for any lost personal items, including but not limited to: jewelry, clothing, shoes, school books, etc. Please help us return lost items to you by labeling every item that comes into the studio. Please check the Lost and Found bin periodically. Please note, every couple of months we clean out the lost and found bin, and any items without names that are remaining will be donated to charity.

Class Observation

Since it is important for all students to remain focused while in the class-room, no visitors are permitted into the classroom. November 12th-16th is our Fall Observation Week & March 25th-28th is our Spring Observation Week. Parents are invited into the classroom on these dates to see what we have ben working on in preparation for our upcoming recitals. Children should not be in the waiting room if they are not waiting to take class. If you need to have your children with you at the studio, we ask you to please wait in the car. We do not have the space to accommodate families waiting for their dancers in the lobby, and the noise is a distraction to the dancers in class. Dropping off your dancer and picking up after is strongly encouraged!

Recreational Program Recital/Showcase Participation

Each year the studio presents two recitals for the Recreational Program. The Winter Recital/Showcase will be held in December, date TBA. Recital fees (which include a costume rental) are $20 per dancer, per routine. This Winter Showcase fee is due October 11th. In lieu of charging entry fees to our Winter Recital/Showcase, Dance Impressions accepts non-perishable food items and donates them to the food pantry. Donations will be accepted the week prior to the event (at either studio), or the day of the performance at the Winter Showcase as well.

Our annual Spring Recital/Showcase will be held on May 18th. Dancers purchase and keep their Spring Recital/Showcase costumes. The costume fee will be $60 per dancer per class which will include tights and all accessories. Costume orders are due in the office by December 6th. Costumes must be paid in full for your costume to be ordered. A one-time family recital/showcase fee of $25 will be due on March 15th. These are the only fees for the Spring Recital/Showcase. There are no ticketing fees and it is a free event -- you may invite as many people as you wish.

These recitals/showcases are not required, but most definitely encouraged for the growth and development of each dancer!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email: