It is important to have students ready and properly dressed for class before entering the classroom. Please use the restroom before class to avoid a loss of class time. Dancers work harder and stay more focused when properly dressed for class. The studio is a “special” place with a “special” dress requirement. It is important to be dressed properly to receive the most out of your dance class experience.

Shoe Guidelines

We ask that all tap and jazz shoes be black in color, and ballet shoes be either pink for girls or black for boys. These are the required colors for all recital performances. We highly recommend split sole ballet and jazz shoes, an exact style is not required.

If you currently have dance shoes that do not meet this criteria you may wear them for class, however, you will need the proper shoes for recitals.

Clothing/Attire Guidelines

  • Ballet Classes: Pink tights, black ballet cut leotard (no skirts), split sole ballet shoes and hair in a bun. Boys: Form fitting black bottoms with a tight white tank or t-shirt, black ballet shoes. Pre-ballet please have footless tights and no shoes.
  • Classics of Dance: Any solid colored leotard and pink footless tights. Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes for the ballet portion.
  • Combo Fun: Dance shorts and top or leotard and footless tights. Must have bare feet for tumbling and ballet. Shoes or foot undeez are optional for Jazz. No baggy clothes.
  • Dynamics of Dance: Any form fitting dancewear of your choice with black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.
  • Hip Hop or Hip hop Combo: Comfortable clothing, no jeans or denim. Sweats, baggy shorts, etc. Please wear clean, non-marking soled tennis shoes.
  • Intro to Dance: Any form fitting dancewear of your choice with pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.
  • Jazz and Jazz Combination Classes: Form fitting dance attire, black jazz shoes or foot undeez and hair off face.
  • Tap, Tech & Tumble: Form fitting dance attire, black tap shoes are required, jazz shoes or foot undeez are optional and bare feet.
  • Tumble Jazz and Tumbling: Form fitting dance attire, bare legs and feet, or footless tights.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email: