Step 1: Complete the audition registration form below and repeat for each registering dancer.
Step 2: Please select team(s) based upon the highest commitment each dancer would like to audition for.
Step 3: Upon completing this form for each dancer, please submit your sum total of payment(s) through PayPal. 
Step 4: Please type the dancers' full name(s) in the PayPal notes section.
Step 5: Upon payment completion in PayPal, you will receive a payment receipt email from PayPal.
Step 6: If using PayPal is problematic for you, please contact us at

- Please make your selection based upon the highest level dancer would consider.
- If choosing a Sparks Team, please indicate "B" for Bountiful, "F" for Farmington or "E" for Either.
- If we are unable to place your dancer on any one of our teams, we will refund your audition fee.

I the parent/legal guardian of my child knowingly assume all injury and risks as relating to any dance activity sponsored by Dance Impressions, Inc. I knowingly waive any cause of action I might have in tort, negligence, or strict liability against owner, operators, employee, or agent of the Dance Impressions, Inc. As parent or legal guardian I consent to the above student to participate in activities, classes and programs offered by or at Dance Impressions, Inc. Upon signing I agree not to file any claim procedure in connection with any injuries, damages, or losses that may occur, directly or indirectly from participation in activities by or at Dance Impressions, Inc. I hereby release owner, operators, employee, or agents of Dance Impressions, Inc. thereof from any liability for any personal injury incurred by myself, child/ward while participating in any activities conducted by or through Dance Impression, Inc. All photographs are property of Dance Impressions and are used strictly for promotional purposes. If you object to your child’s photo being taken, please notify us. Students’ supervision is limited to classroom time only. Please be advised that there is no supervision in the lobby. Please discuss with your child proper behavior in the lobby and importance of not leaving the building. We need to work together to make your child’s experience at Dance Impressions, Inc. safe, fun and rewarding. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. Lastly, I agree to uphold all studio policies and have read, and understand, the commitment to the team for which we are auditioning.

NOTE: Contact information is only used by Dance Impressions and not distributed to third parties.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Log in to your account at Select the Pay/Send Money and the Pay for Goods/Services tabs.

  2. Enter dance2impress@gmail as the email address, the sum total of your coordinating registration fee(s) in the amount field, and all registering dancers' name(s) in the notes section. (If registering more than one dancer, you may submit one sum total PayPal payment for all.) 

  3. Click Change Payment Method if desired and confirm your payment details. 

  4. Click Send Your Payment and you're done!